RBS fuels climate change

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Help to shape our energy future - tell RBS to stop fuelling carbon addiction
Are you a student?

RBS needs students – both as potential new customers who then stay for life, and as future employees. The bank invests heavily in targeting students, and reports proudly on its successes to its shareholders. This means that students can play a unique role in forcing RBS out of oil. People & Planet groups are putting pressure on RBS to change.


The bank should answer to its customers. If you're concerned about RBS fuelling climate chaos, get in touch and we'll help you raise your concerns.





The oil bank of scotland

RBS-NatWest is driving climate change and feeding carbon addiction faster than any other British bank. Pouring billions into fossil fuels and working intimately with oil corporations, the bank is locking huge emissions into our future. 

About the Campaign

People & Planet and PLATFORM are campaigning for RBS to recognise its climate responsibilities and move its moneyfrom the dirtiest fossil fuels into sustainable energy.