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Our Demands 

  • Accept responsibility for the climate impacts of its lending. Calculate and publish the embedded emissions resulting from loans to oil and gas projects.
  • Adopt a comprehensive climate change policy, including a target for annual reductions and the strategy to achieve this
  • Rebalance its lending portfolio away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy. Immediate halt on all loans to coal and tar sands.


Since this campaign began, RBS has begun to concede on some issues:


  • In June 2006, the bank took down its website "www.theoilandgasbank.com" and has stopped using this title publically.
  • When our report "The Oil & Gas Bank" was published in March 2006, RBS dabbled in climate denial, claiming that there was still "debate" among scientists about the causes of global warming. [1] Yet by July 2006, the bank had adopted the rhetoric of taking action on climate change.
  • RBS has begun to make major loans to renewable energy. This is a positive step, but the bank cannot claim climate credit from renewables projects while denying its climate responsibility from funding fossil fuels.

>>>>But there's a long way to go yet --->


The oil bank of scotland

RBS-NatWest is driving climate change and feeding carbon addiction faster than any other British bank. Pouring billions into fossil fuels and working intimately with oil corporations, the bank is locking huge emissions into our future. 

About the Campaign

People & Planet and PLATFORM are campaigning for RBS to recognise its climate responsibilities and move its moneyfrom the dirtiest fossil fuels into sustainable energy.